Sunday, January 1, 2012

My 2012 Facebook and Twitter Resolutions


For Facebook and Twitter

  I hope your 2011 was as trans formative as mine was . I thank GOD I'm stillher4e and for everything and everyone He has blessed me to know and have in my life. Some of you gave me life, while others gave me life lessons and I'm thankful for both. I know some people do and others don't do resolutions, but here are mine, exclusively for Facebook and Twitter. Tongue-in-cheek of course but feel free to adopt or express your opinions accordingly.

12. For 2012, I will not write cryptic, passive-aggressive Tweets or Facebook posts. If I have something o say to say, I'm gonna say it directly to that stupid %^&^5. Or at the very least post their name in post. Ghost rants only make me look pathetic.

11. For 2012, I will not Facebook stalk, make up fake accounts on Twitter or an other social utility account in an effort to know how my ex, my former boyfriends, crushes current and past are doing. If i can't ask or directly befriend them, there's a reason for that. besides, why waste my time on someone that isn't thinking about me?

10. For 2012, I will not reply "I'm Going" to events I don't plan on attending. And if I do reply "Yes" and can't make it, I will let the host know in advance. When people say they can and will come to your event and don't show up, that's disappointing.

9. For 2012, I will not get offended (as much) when I see posts from friends, family and acquaintances who obviously went out and had a great time (as if that's possible if I'm not there-ha!) without me.

8. For 2012, I will I will actually reach out to the people I know on Facebook and let the ones I have no connection to go. I don't need a huge friends list. Facebook is not a popularity contest and I'm not in high school.

7. For 2012, I will not post Tweets or Facebook post to elicit sympathy. If I don't have anything genuine to say, I'm gonna keep it to myself and keep everyone else's timeline a little more clear of BS.

6. For 2012, I will not change my Facebook or Twitter profile picture every week, every time I get a new outfit, weave or wig, new shoes or change the color of my lipstick.

5. For 2012, I will not click "Like" on Facebook posts or re-Tweet unless it calls for it and I actually like what was said. "Like" does not substitute for reaching out , saying 'Congratualtions' or 'Happy Birthday'. And I understand that.

4. For 2012, I will not stalk former nemesis of mine to make sure them %REPLACE^R%(& aren't doing or looking better than me. Come on, we all do it. tell the truth, shame the devil.

3. For 2012, I will not post drunk Tweets or Facebook posts. Why? Because there's no such thing. OO_oo.

2. For 2012, I'm not gonna send game or application requests to other Facebook users. That -ish is annoying!!!

And the #1 thing I'm going to do in 2012?!?

1. For 2012, I'm actually gonna use Twitter to update significant events in social surroundings and Facebook to to keep up with friends, family, organizations and former classmates. I mean, isn't that what it's all for? To keep in touch? Will do.
What are some Facebook or Twitter habits you hope to do away with in 2012?

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