Tuesday, October 4, 2011

12 Different Types Of Men



a. Real good at making love

b. Fun and exciting

c. Makes you laugh

d. Has your back, will fight and protect you


a. Usually drinks and smokes too much

b. Always got drama

c. Stays a thug forever

d. In and out of jail



a. Will take you out in the beginning

b. Will introduce you to all his friends

c. Compliments you all the time


a. Has a girlfriend who he?s been with since the 2nd grade

b. Will not get rid of her

c. He tells you about her after you?ve fallen in love with his *bleep*



a. Will give you money with no questions asked

b. Has a lot of style to him

c. Will show you some of the nice things in life


a. Never returns your pages

b. Feels he can come to your house at any given time without calling first

c. Loves to be around his boys more than you.



a. Can get you and your friends on the guest list at all the jumping parties

b. Can have a decent stimulating conversation

c. Tends to dress nice


a. You don?t know if he?s gay, straight or bi

b. Seems flighty when you speak of a solid commitment

c. You still have to wait in line to get in all the jumping parties, then there?s drama at the door

d. All he has is a bunch of pictures with celebrities but he doesn?t know any of them personally



a. Book smart

b. Cares about how you feel

c. Has a very good job


a. Boring as hell

b. Doesn?t know what the hell he?s doing in bed

c. He is not street smart

d. Always asking you when can he see you again




b. Makes you laugh

c. Got mad style and flava

d. Has a temper, but generally a charming sweet guy

e. Says he want a real relationship


a. He got 3 or more baby mommy?s

b. Wants to lay up in your crib, use the phone, and eat up all the food

c. Is in denial when you tell him about himself

d. Comes home at 3:00 am and says he was out with his boys



a. Will teach you about black history

b. Revolutionary

c. Inspiring & gives to you spiritually & emotionally

d. Wants a wife and family


a. Breaks up with you for a white girl

b. Mo money-doesn?t have a job

c. Doesn?t own a nice suit, always wearing camouflage and oils

d. In the end, you find out he is just a trifling, con motha*bleep*a



a. Will introduce you to his mother

b. Has a job and will take you out

c. Will give you money for your bills if you need it

d. Sometimes he goes to church on Sunday


a. Sometimes he goes or church on Sunday

b. Secretly wants to be Mr. Thug Life

c. Wears fake Movado & Rolex watches when he goes to the club

d. Ignores you when the game is on because he takes sports too serious -He didn?t make it professionally

e.You find out after you break up with him that he was cheating on you



a. Will tell you the truth - that you`re not the only one

b. Sometimes he`s fairly decent in bed

c. He tells you that you`ve changed him and he`s ready to settle down

d. Has his own apartment and car (invites you to move in with him)


a. He doesn`t acknowledge you in public, especially if there`s women around

b. Generally he is a punk (won`t stand up for anything)

c. He expects you to believe all his lies just because he told you the truth about other women

d. After you catch his lyin` *bleep*, he tells you that he told you that he was a playa in the beginning anyway



a. Of course.... he has a job

b. Doesn`t have too many bad habits

c. Will take care of you when you`re sick

d. Tells you that he is in love with you


a. You stay in the relationship 2 years or more and then find out he`s a shiftless, lazy son-of-a-*bleep* who wants you to do all the wifely duties but won`t give you a ring

b. He ends up telling you that he loves you, but is not "in love" with you

c. After he leaves you he gets married a month later



a. He`s your best friend, you tell each other everything; you get along very, very well

b. He gives you advice when you and your man are having problems

c. The ultimate gentleman

d. Sweet and caring with a good sense of humor


a. You end up hooking up with him only to find he ain`t about *bleep* either!

b. Now, you gotta find a new best friend because you can`t stand his *bleep*

no more



a.He loves God and takes his relationship with God seriously

b. He is intellectual, brilliant, and capable of taking you there mentally and emotionally

c. He will love you even when you are not lovable

d. He has a career and not a job!

e. He acknowledges his faults and strives to be a better man

f. He understands a relationship is built on a 200% quota - 100% him and 100% you

g. He doesn`t have a bunch of kids and babies mommas - he`s smarter than that

h. He is a true best friend and everything you ever wanted in a man

i. He was cute when you met him. But, after spending sometime you see he`s fine as hell!

j. He can dress - knows the difference b/t formal, semi-formal, professional, business casual, casual, and since we are just chilling let me throw on some sweats and a fitted hat

h. He loves his mother and respects women


a. You`ve never met him and if you did he already has a girl/wife.

b. You?ve met him. He?s the one you didn?t return the hello greeting at the grocery store because you were so caught up in the one of the previous 11.

Not everyone is meant to be friends..and it's a good thing!

I love everybody! I really do!But.......

Not everyone is meant to be friends. Some people are meant to be acquaintances, some to be associates, some to only hold relationships within work, groups, etc. and that's it. What I don't understand is how when you send social cues to a person that say, "Hey, your cool, but that's it, our relationship ends and begins at a certain point", why some people choose to ignore the signals and continue to put you and themselves in uncomfortable situations.

Now , I give everyone a chance. I don't know you, I'm not gonna judge you and most of the time, people are completely different than how you think they might be. But after that, I may choose to consider you only someone I may be acquainted with in one way or another. Maybe we don't have anything in common, we think differently, or our values are different. I can definitely see intuitively when there may be problems ahead with myself and another person and I listen to my gut. This doesn't mean we don't speak, may not get up once in awhile if we have friends in common, work, etc. But it does mean that I don't share my personal life or space with you. That's for friends & family. Your should do the same.

I hope I'm not hanging myself with a rope on this one, but while I'm flattered, friendship may not be in our cards. And it's a good thing. In any relationship, you should want someone that wants you in their life the same way. Hey, there have been plenty of people I attempted to befriend and get close to that didn't feel the same way about me. And in the end, it was a blessing in disguise, the absolute best thing,lol!

I do wonder if anyone has been in similiar situations though and how they handled it.

I Thought You Were Crazy About Me...But You Were Just CRAZY!!!

When I saw a bite on your hand, I asked you about it. You said a dust bunny bit you. I laughed because I thought you were being funny. But you were dead serious.

When you said you had to check behind your dresser 3 times because "the little people were after you". I thought, everyone has the right to be precautious.

When you told me you wore a diaper, you know, just in case, I thought , "I like a man that thinks ahead!"

I just knew you were the one when you said you'd die without me.........then you went on to say, that's because you can't bear the thought of going to prison after you do me in.

I was awed by the fact that 10 of your high school buddies named their children after you. You then went on to say, that you did deliver half of them during the 6 weeks it took to get your GED.

I felt so special that you liked to watch me sleep. And eat. And from across the street while I was at work. During my aerobics class. While I used the bathroom. You know, nothing out of the ordinary....but I still don't know how you got that job as shampoo girl at my salon.

When I began to get male attention on Myspace and AOL, you didn't blink an eye. Of course I have found out later that they were all you, talking to me simultaneously for over 12 hours a day. But that's just love. Right?

But then it happened. You did the one thing no person in their right mind would ever do. I knew then you were insane. I knew at that moment it was never about me, it was never love. It was just crazy. And what you did was absolutely heinous, I don't even know if I can type it without throwing up.

As I saw you drink the milk right out of the milk carton and put it back in the fridge...........I knew you were crazy!!!