Saturday, January 12, 2013

Don't Go Back - *February 2013 Essence magazine giveaway!*


Happy New Year! Welcome to 2013 Family! I'm glad you stopped by, we have SO much to discuss this year and I will definitely bring you more than I did last year. Wait and see!

My "Daily $ense for January 2013 is this: Don't go back! If you lost weight, keep exercising and eating right, DON'T GO BACK! If you started the trying process of changing your career to one of your passion, keep going, DON'T GO BACK!  If  you made the decision to change something in your personality for the better, whether that be to say no when you mean it, to be more positive, to change a nasty attitude, to be happy, to be more spiritual, less selfless, stop being envious, etc., no matter how difficult these changes are or how many times people may take you "out of the spirit" of these changes, keep pressing forward. DON'T GO BACK! If you left a relationship that wasn't respectful of you, did not fulfill your needs, that was abusive mentally or physically or just wasn't right for you, DON'T GO BACK!
To forgive does not mean to forget.
Don't go back like she did.

And if you do go back, DON'T STAY THERE. Begin again. And again. And again. Failure isn't falling down. Failure is falling down and staying there. Failure is not trying again. Failure is the refusal to open another door because one door closed. The refusal to even try. That's failure. YOU are not a failure. YOU are a success to not be measured by others. Some will reach their pinnacle as teenagers, others in their twenties and thirties. You may be one of them. Some of us, like past president of the NAACP, Kweisi Mfume, will find our calling after many wrong turns much later in life. His path, his testimony would serve as inspiration to many young women and men of color who weren't born into greatness but created. You, my friend, are the creator of greatness. GET UP. And TRY AGAIN. DON'T STAY BACK, then DON'T GO BACK!

For those of us who know the changes we'd like to make, the changes we swear we'll start today tomorrow and the next, the changes we need to make but aren't sure which of the vast many to changes to actually change because there are so many and those who know the exact ones but don't know where to begin. In the words of the famous Cole Porter song just"Begin the Beguine" Basically, go forth with the dance whether you know how to or not, the answer will come to you. BEGIN and then, DON'T GO BACK! Stay spiritual and you will be supplied with all you need. If that doesn't happen as fast as you would like, use the Internet, Amen?

Stay hopeful. Stay positive. If you find yourself perennially unhappy (and it's not a medical condition like depression) it's time to give your time and space to those in need. Volunteer and intern that helps you to give back to the community. Best thing? No experience is necessary, you're guaranteed to meet similar minded individuals and get more out of it than those you're helping. Your spirit, mind and time will be filled and you will be *happy*!

Although last year I was successful in my 2012 goals, this year I decided to keep it simple and make a "CHECK YO'SELF 2013" list.


*Earn a 4.0 for my Spring and Fall 2013 semesters in school. Study and stay prayerful.
*Lose 40 lbs this year with a goal of 10 lbs per quarter. NO eating fast food, walk 2 miles 5 days a week.
*Work towards a new position in my company. Ask the director to be my mentor.
*Maintain a healthy balance in my spiritual, personal and work life. If it doesn't work, it must change or go!

 Feel free to check me on all these things at all times. Being made to be accountable helps us all to achieve our goals.  Make your own "CHECK YO'SELF 2013 list, share it with at least two friends or acquaintances and have them "CHECK YOU" when you need it and vice versa. More importantly, CHECK YO'SELF!

As a "Thank You" to you, I'd like to help you start your 2013 year off with the inspirational February 2013 Essence magazine featuring Iyanla Vanzant. Please comment by January 30, 2013 and I will choose one of you at random. Good luck!

NOTE: No promotion was paid by TIME or any other entity for this contest

Remember, Don't Go Back, Check Yo'Self and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!