Wednesday, June 23, 2010

It Ain't About Looks, Honey!

It ain't about looks, honey.

While at work one day, my two male bosses started a conversation about a personal friend who worked in another department, whose personal life they found to be hilarious and worrisome.

It seems the man, in his late thirties, had recently applied to have his live-in "girlfriend", and I use that term loosley, a medical beneficiary. It seems the young lady, in her early twenties, was pursued by this gentleman for quite some time, yet she never gave him the time of day. However, over the last 3 months, the young lady, lost her job, her apt. and was pregnant. The father of her child? Nowhere to be found. In steps her would be suitor. He puts her up in his house, pays for everything and to make sure the baby is taken care of medically, he makes the mother a beneficiary on his insurance. Mind you, this man has NEVER been with this woman.

While I was being told this story, my female boss was also in the room. She and I looked over at each other, thinking the same thing, except she said it out loud: "That girl must be really, really pretty for the guy to do all of these things for her".

"No way", stated the younger of male bosses,"she isn't really". My female boss and I were dumbfounded. I interjected at that point.

"Well, maybe she isn't your taste of what is considered beautiful or pretty, but she HAS to be, otherwise this guy would not be doing this". I stated flatly.

My older boss laughed and the younger one joined in. They both gave a smirk "Should I say it?" my older boss asked the younger one. The younger boss shrugged. "Look," he continued, as if choosing his words carefully,"it does not matter if the young lady is good-looking or not. What matters is if she has the body type that is atractive to men. Once a man gets it into his head that he wants to be with her at that point, he'll do ANYTHING it takes to achieve that. So if she looks good in the face, that's just a bonus. It just depends on if she has a great, proportional body, that's it. If she does, she then has the power, thus what this young lady is able to get away with."

Wow. That was all I could think. My female boss and I were shocked into silent thought, letting what we just heard settle into our minds. We were just let into an old boys' club secret. The "power" we had over men wasn't what we looked like in the face, but how shapely we were. Big, small it didn't matter. Oh, you have to have a great backside too, they conveyed. As long as its somewhat of an hourglass figure, someone will do ANYTHING to be with you, including WAIT and take care of you & your unborn child. So ladies, if catering to a man's ego is half the battle, creating the illusion(unless you already have it) of the hourglass figure is the other. And we've all seen it. The "Why-Is-He-With-Her Girl". Well, now we know. Forget her face, how she dresses and how uncouth her manners and dialect are and focus on the body package. If she's got a bigg butt or tiny waist or big breasts, that's why he's with her! That's what he likes. Everything else is aesthetics. Now there are still going to be materialistic, shallow men out there, but a man with testosterone running through his veins will always go for what he truly wants, not just what looks good on his arm(those relationships never last, look at almost any Hollywood marriage based on looks). And that's the guy we truly want anyway.

I don't know about you, but the treadmill is looking really good right now, can't wait to have my body and confidence back!

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  1. I will NOT lose weight just to be some man's medical beneficiary! LOL! Its no secret - you've never seen a homely woman with a fine man, checked her "neck-down" beauty, shrug and kept it moving? I have! This story confirms what we all should know: Sex sells. Apparently even life insurance!